8 runners take on the 2014 Boston Marathon

Let Us Bind Together In Love, Not Hate


Last week I had the incredible opportunity to go to “Dear Boston” a memorial to the Boston Marathon bombings. After the bombings last year there was a memorial that formed in Copley square. People left thousands of tokens of prayers, gratitude, love and remembrance. These items were removed and reassembled in this display.

It was extremely emotional. I happened to arrive with a group of high school students from out of state that didn’t quite understand the gravity of the situation at first. The exhibit was bright and engaging. The displays encouraged you to get closer and read the individual, inspiring notes. This poster above caught my eye and stuck with me throughout the day.  The quote came from Richard Martin’s school poster.


There were running sneakers, posters, banners, hats and ribbons with touching words and then a chance to add to the exhibit. In the back left corner there were four trees. All four were just budding, with daffodils blooming around their trunks. From these trees hung hundreds of small white tags with messages of hope, love and strength. Now, if you haven’t started crying by this point I will be shocked.

It was here that I found the majority of the high school students silent and focused on writing meaningful messages to leave behind. This was exceptionally touching. At the Boston Public Library they have created a truly exceptional display of the hope, love, strength and resilience this city embodies. It was also a display of the love and support that exists in the running community and in cities all over the world. Let us take this as an opportunity to bind together in love and not hate.


— Amelia Nelson

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